Humanization Program

Program oriented to identify and respond to the needs and opportunities of the integral development of the human being, both of the public servants and of the users, having as a base the security, the respect, the competences of the collaborators and the growth both from the personal, familiar as in the work, the accompaniment and good interpersonal relationships, in such a way that the humanized treatment of the collaborators is reflected in a human and safe attention to the users.Being vigilant that this is carried out by the humanization committee, the workplace coexistence committee, the ethics committee.

Humanization policy

Specialized Services FCB SAS is committed to offering health services based on a humanized care characterized by cordial, friendly, timely and personalized treatment to users where confidentiality, dignity, privacy and respect is guaranteed, has competent and trained staff to meet the needs and expectations of the user and his family.



1) Strengthen the culture in the relationship doctor-user and health team - user from the humanistic training of the staff of the institution.

2) Strengthen the program of recognitions and incentives for personnel based on welfare and human management processes.

3) Promote self-concept, self-esteem and self-recognition of the staff through playful educational activities that promote competencies and human development based on the experience of shared principles and values.

4) Maintain comfortable and welcoming environments for the development of work and the satisfaction of patients and their families.

5) Train the care and support personnel in strategies of accompaniment to the user: help relationship, counseling.

6) Strengthen the ethics, research and good treatment committees based of training in ethics and bioethics.

7) Promote teamwork with a humanizing perspective.