Patients safety program

Specialized Services FCB SAS has a program aimed at guaranteeing the implementation of safe health care processes, with the active participation of our employees, the users and their families, through safe practices from the prevention and risk management.

  • Patients safety polices

    Specialized Services FCB S.A.S. It is committed to promoting a culture of patient safety based on education, training, coaching and motivation of its employees in terms of patient safety, promotes the timely reporting of incidents or adverse events that leads to the investigation, analysis and improvement of actions that generate as a result of the decrease of its occurrence, generating a safe and learning friendly environments for users and family.

    Estrategias para la mejora de la seguridad del paciente

    En Servicios Especializados FCB S.A.S implementamos las siguientes estrategias para la Seguridad del Paciente:

    1) Estrategias Educativas: Son estrategias orientadas a Garantizar el cumplimiento de la Política de Seguridad del paciente y a ejecutar acciones educativas para los empleados, usuarios y sus familias.

    2) Estrategias Promoción de herramientas institucionales: Son estrategias enfocadas a promover el oportuno reporte de eventos adversos e incidentes, su investigación y análisis. Adicionalmente establece la realización de sesiones breves de seguridad y rondas de seguridad en la institución.

    3) Estrategias Coordinación de Actores: Esta estrategia está enfocada en promover el cumplimiento de la reunión de comités de seguridad del paciente tanto ordinario como ordinario extraordinario y dar cumplimiento a las acciones de mejora establecidos en los mismos.

    4) Estrategias de Información: Estrategias orientadas a promover las experiencias exitosas de nuestros usuarios, así como la medición de la percepción de la seguridad del paciente en nuestros funcionarios y los usuarios.



    1) Establish safe care practices in the institution's services, under the guidelines of the instructional packages defined by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection

    2) Manage the adverse events that occurred in the institution, through the promotion of the report, analysis of the events and implementation of corrective and preventive actions that encourage organizational learning

    3) Generate a culture of patient safety by promoting the leadership of the institutional health care teams, through awareness, training and communication strategies that favor the implementation of security barriers, compliance with protocols and care guidelines.

    4) Involve staff in learning, implementation and evaluation strategies based in the patient safety program, enriching the culture of safety and risk management in health care processes.

    Safe Care Processes

    During our care, the assistance personnel comply with safe care processes such as:

    - Infection reduction

    - Safety in the use of medicines.

    - Prevention and Reduction of Falls.

    - Safety in Surgical procedures.

    - Correct identification of the patient.

    - Reduce the risk of attention to Cardiovascular Patients.