Occupational Safety and Health Policy

SPECIALIZED SERVICES FCB S.A.S is committed to the protection and promotion of workers' health, ensuring their physical integrity through the control of risks, the continuous improvement of processes and the protection of the environment. All levels of management assume the responsibility of promoting a healthy and safe work environment by complying with the applicable legal requirements, linking stakeholders in the safety and health management system at work and assigning human, physical and financial necessary for the management of health and safety. The programs developed at SERVICIOS ESPECIALIZADOS FCB S.A.S will be aimed at fostering a preventive culture of self-care, the intervention of working conditions that may cause accidents or occupational diseases, the control of absenteeism and emergency preparedness. All employees, temporary contractors will be responsible for complying with safety rules and procedures, in order to perform a safe and productive work. They will also be responsible for timely notification of all conditions that may generate consequences and contingencies for employees and the organization.

  • Patient and Family Education Policy

    The User and Family Education Program at SERVICIOS ESPECIALIZADOS FCB SAS, under the social responsibility approach, considers that all the assistance and administrative personnel of the Institution have a commitment to user education, constantly assessing their learning needs, guaranteeing the permanent update on topics of interest aimed at positively impacting the health and quality of life of users.

    Information Security Policy

    The information is a resource that, like the rest of the assets, has strategic value for the fulfillment of the mission of Specialized Services. FCB and consequently we are commited to identify, control and mitigate the risks of institutional information, providing tools and necessary resources for this, by:

    1) Implementation, maintenance, operation and updating of the processes associated with information security.

    2) Disclosure and training in information security and the different procedures regarding the protection of information to all FCB Specialized Services personnel.

    3) Establish and maintain secure areas for the management, storage and processing of information and its means for processing, located in Specialized Services. FCB, especially those physical spaces that occupy the Coordination of Systems.

    4) Protections against malicious software and ensure that maintenance, network administration, care of storage media and security in the exchange of information are adequate.

    The institution will establish the mechanisms to support the dissemination, study, update and consolidation of both the present policy and the other components of the Information Security Management System and align them effectively with the other management systems, in favor of the continuous improvement of their associates processes.

    Health Service Provision Policies

    The management of specialized services FCB SAS is committed to the provision of health services of low, medium and high complexity, through the management of a comprehensive model of care, which includes activities of health promotion, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of the disease, attention that meets the needs of all users, the family and the community.

    Environmental Management Policies

    Specialized Services FCB SAS, understands the environment as a basic principle, for this reason it has decided to promote the implementation of Environmental Management strategies, that guarantee the protection of the environment, acquiring the commitments

    1) As a commitment to environmental protection, identify and evaluate all environmental impacts derived from our activities and services, with the aim of implementing measures to reduce them, prevent pollution, minimize consumption of resources and promote efficiency and savings energetic.

    2) Ensure compliance with the provisions of the regulations applicable to the entity.

    3) Involve and motivate our own staff, professionals and companies with which we collaborate in the continuous respect for the environment, promoting the development of the "environmental culture" throughout the organization.

    4) Prevent and avoid the significant environmental impacts produced by the activity of the institution, especially those produced by the generation in the process of hospital waste management.

    5) Practice a sustainable use of natural resources, minimizing as much as possible, the consumption of natural resources (water, fuel and energy).

    6) Continuously control the environmental aspects of the facilities, adopting preventive and / or corrective measures when necessary, to ensure a rational use of natural resources.

    7) Practice a comprehensive management of waste generated in the entity that is respectful of the environment, involving proper segregation and recycling of them when appropriate, and as well as adequate intermediate and final storage of them.


    Prevention Policy for Tobacco, Alcohol and Psychoactive Substances

    SPECIALIZED SERVICES FCB SAS has established a policy on tobacco, alcohol and drugs, with the aim of preventing, improving and maintaining the health of collaborators welfare, guaranteeing the conditions that allow an adequate performance of their duties.

    SPECIALIZED SERVICES FCB SAS recognizes that smoking, alcoholism and consumption of psychoactive substances, produce harmful effects for the health and safety of its workers, altering the ability to perform adequately affecting safety, efficiency and productivity of other employees and the company in general.

    Taking into account the above and in order to achieve an optimal work environment and promote healthy lifestyles, SPECIALIZED SERVICES FCB SAS has established an alcohol and drug policy thus ensuring compliance with the provisions of resolution 1075 of March 24 1992, the following rules are adopted within the policy:

    1) It is strictly prohibited within the facilities, possession, distribution and sale of psychoactive substances in the development of work.

    2) The possession, use, distribution or sale of alcoholic beverages in the facilities of SERVICIOS ESPECIALIZADOs FCB SAS is prohibited.

    3) The company may conduct alcohol and drug tests directly or through third parties, when there are reasons to suspect alcohol and drug abuse, when a worker or contractor is involved in an accident and a relationship with use or abuse of these must be ruled out.

    4) It is strictly forbidden to report to work under the influence of alcohol, drugs and / or hallucinogenic substances or that create dependency.

    5) In the event that it is proven that the employee is under the effects of alcohol and / or drugs, the company will execute disciplinary actions as established in the Internal Labor Regulations.

    We are committed to developing programs that allow us to disclose, promote and ensure compliance with this policy.

    Technology Management Policy

    Specialized Services FCB SAS, will tend because the processes of assistance to patients and administrative support have the support of a technological management integrated by stages of evaluation, acquisition, incorporation, functioning and safe management, monitoring, control and replacement of technology . Each stage is aimed at efficiency, effectiveness, safety, risk management and a meet the needs in the service offered by the institution for patients, as well as for collaborators of the institution.

    Specialized Services FCB SAS, made up of different locations, guarantees the application of measures that enable the unification of technology

    Guidelines for the implementation of the policy

    - We make selection and acquisition of new technologies within a standardized model that includes interdisciplinary groups.

    - We support all our collaborators by gathering their needs and difficulties with the biomedical technologies and support systems to make a continuous improvement through the renovation of the same.

    - We promote an active surveillance behavior of the technologies, that supports the maintenance procedures and mitigate the risks of failures, adverse events or work accidents.

    - We carry out training, evaluation and re-training on the management of the technologies present in the institution.

    - We promote a behavior of correct use of all technologies, which reduce wear, lengthen the useful life and contribute to maintain them in proper operation.

    - We control all technologies through preventive maintenance programs and calibration program.

    - We register all the preventive and corrective maintenance activities of each team or system in their respective curriculum that allows the evaluation of the same.

    - Monitoring and measurement of the management of the existing technology in the institution.