What is the user association?

Within the actions aimed at the promotion and furtherance of the different participatory instances of social control and complying with Decree 1757/94, where the creation of the Users Association is found, we invite you to register a user / s representative of your entity to belong to our user association.

The user association is a group of contributory and subsidized regime affiliates, of the Social Security in Health General System, that have the right to use some health services, according to their affiliation system, which will ensure the quality of the service and the user's defense

All the people affiliated to the Social Security in the Health General System will be able to participate in the system's instituitons forming user associations or alliances that will represent them to the institutions providing health services aswell as to the health promoters, public order, mixed and private.

How are user associations organized?

Through an invitation or call to users who have made use of the services offered by SPECIALIZED SERVICES FCB S.A.S during the last year. The association will stay open to permanently guarantee the entry of new users.

The user association must draw up its own operating regulations, where the internal organization should be foreseen as company members and work groups according to the needs and the topics to be dealt with.

In this way, SPECIALIZED SERVICES invites its patients to form our IPS Users Association.

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What are the user association functions?

1) Advise, explain and inform the Users of SPECIALIZED SERVICES FCB S.A.S, about the services that the Institution can offer, the requirements to use them, the schedules, the tariffs, and the other norms so that the users can access them freely.

2) Maintain channels of interpersonal communication and by the most effective means to know the concerns, claims, requests, claims and suggestions of users regarding the quality, timing, and rates of services, in order to be presented to the directives of the Institution to be taken into account in decision-making.

3) Participate in the Instituiton's Board of Directors in representation of the users, carrying out their suggestions and concersn or complaints so that in the taking of decisions they are taken into account, trying to improve the quality in the rendering of the services.

4) Refrain from carrying out events that affect the development of the Association.

5) Monitor that the decisions made by the Board of Directors are met.

6) Ensure that the recovery rates and fees correspond to the socioeconomic conditions of the community groups and that they are applied in accordance with what was previously stablished by the current regulations.

7) Propose measures that tend to improve the opportunity, technical and human quality of health services.

8) Participate in the Hospital Ethics Committee, ensuring improvement of quality and timeliness in the provision of services.

9) Contribute with the management bodies for the improvement of the institutional image, through effective communication with the Municipality community.

10) Participate in the participation committee, contributing with the users demands and suggestions .

11) Participate as users in the Municipal Social Security Council.


The requirements to be elected to a representation office on behalf of the user association are ...

Be a user of the health entity to which you are affiliated

Not be subject to disabilities established by law

Not being an employee of the Health Entity

Reside in the municipality

Be present at the time of the election