Vascular medicine and angiology


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One ultrasound diagnostic modality is the diagnosis through Doppler color (Imaging DCI), the result of combining the visualization of tissues with high resolution methods and simultaneous blood flow analysis through spectral audio analysis. The DCI provides the opportunity for a detailed non-invasive morphology analysis and vascular supply of the organ studied.

- Neck vessels Doppler (carotid, vertebral, jugular)
- Vascular: colored duplex scan [Doppler ultrasound] for renal arteries
- Colored Duplex scan [Doppler ultrasound] for neck vessels(carotid,vertebral, jugular)
- Colored Duplex scan [Doppler ultrasound] for lower limbs venous vessels (carotid arteries, vertebral arteries)
- Colored Duplex scan [Doppler ultrasound] for Vena cava
- Colored Duplex scanning for upper limbs venous vessels.